Words from Happy Clients

Mat is the go-to coach for anyone who is committed to living up to their fullest potential and stepping up as a leader in their life and field of work. When I had the honor of working with Mat, he guided me in identifying and articulating my value, and I now lead my life with more clarity and confidence than ever before.
He also supported me in leading my team to achieve their goals, and he helped me understand how to give valuable feedback to others and develop more meaningful and authentic relationships. Mat is one of the most committed and dependable people I have ever encountered.
He went above and beyond to stand for me to break through my limiting beliefs and step into my greatness. His direct and honest feedback always came from a place of compassion and empowerment. Mat truly “walks the walk,” and his enthusiasm motivates anyone in his presence to be the best version of themselves.

RushDorsett, 24Boston, MA

I’ve had the pleasure of hearing Mat speak on several occasions in Ocean Beach and he is truly a gifted speaker. Mat is relatable, funny and really moves his audiences to action. He dubs himself as a recovering attorney, and has quite an interesting back story. I highly recommend Mat, 5 out of 5 stars….you will not be disappointed!

Chuck Hardwick, 46 Web Designer, OBSan Diego, CA

“Mat takes such an amazing, heart-centered approach to coaching. He is super intuitive and knows exactly where to go. He is super reliable and really goes all the way… above and beyond. He has a huge heart and is an incredible leader. He is a natural. Total rockstar!!”

Ashley Hannawacker, 39 San Diego, CA

Mat is insightful, caring, and kind. His ability to be an excellent listener enables him to have a clear understanding of you and coach you effectively. He is a person you will want in your life forever.

Carol Zwahlen, 72 San Diego, CA